Friday, May 4, 2018

Newsletter May 4

Math Workshop:

We continued working hard on Module 7. Our focus this week was on understanding the value of coins, as well as determining the total of a group of coins. We will be assessing over module 7 next week.
Language Workshop:

This week we started learning about the three branches of government. We have talked about the legislative, judicial, and executive branches and their duties. Students have really enjoyed learning how our government works.
Important Dates:

May 7-11: NWEA Testing

May 14-16: Girls Volleyball Camp -  Middle School Gym

May 21: Read-a-thon

May 22: Field Day

May 23: Last Day of School - Dismiss at 12:00 - Breakfast/Sack Lunches Provided

Lunch Balance:

Reading Workshop:

In reading we learned that a compound word is two words put together to form a new word. We did many activities to help students practice using compound words. We assessed over this skill on Friday.  
Writing Workshop:

We reviewed the types of writing: narrative, opinion, and informative. Students chose which type of writing they would like to work on. I am proud of the students for working hard on this writing piece!
Special Announcements

Our end of year NWEA Testing is next week. Please make sure your child gets a good night of sleep and eats a good breakfast each morning. Thank you for your support!